Story Untold – Delete

Music video produced for Delete by pop punk band Story Untold. The song is featuring on their eponymous EP released in 2016. Story Untold, founded in 2012, is composed of Montrealers Janick Thibault, Jessy Bergy, Jonathan Landry, Max Roll and Aiden Von Rose. The band is currently under contract with the record label Hopeless Records and their debut album, Waves, was release in Febuary 2018.

Behind the scene

Story untold – Delete

Backstage access to the music video produced for Delete by Story Untold.

  • Director/Editor : Maxime Desrochers
  • Director of photography : Graham Guertin Santerre
  • 1st assistant Director : Marilou H.St-Amand
  • Behind the scene : Dave Gogan
  • Artistic Director : Alexandre Richard
  • 1st assistant Camera : Mathieu Veillette