Graham Guertin-Santerre

Co-founder // Cinematographer

Graham is the unifying leader of the family. He is always ready to offer the support that a team requires. His extensive technical skills in lighting combined with his clear vision of the project make him a unique and indispensable director of photography. Knowing how to create deep images with immaculate lighting, he works in harmony with the director in order to translate emotion into images. Graham’s distinguished signature is to create heavy and raw atmospheres.

A word to describe you : stoic
Favorite quote : “In all the universe nothing remains permanent and unchanged but the spirit.”
A super power : Flying. My handheld camera shots would be insane.
Your dream location : On another planet/in the depths of the earth.
Habit : Making hand signs whenever I’m talking.

Maxime Desrochers

Director and Video editor

Maxime is a passionate visual artist who holds a mastery for video editing, as well as a colorful and striking hand at directing. He is constantly on the lookout for trends and always aims to explore new avant-garde visuals. Being rather unconventional, his achievements push the boundaries of digital art while keeping a constantly structured working method. Maxime has several diversified projects to his credit and each one of them is exploited to its full potential. He has an unrivaled talent for conceptualizing and visualizing non-orthodox narrative frames, thanks to his innovative and effective way of handling each project.

One word to describe you : aberrant
A super power : to be immortal
Your cinematographic fantasy : To have the props and costumes from Blade Runner (1987) within reach.
Your dream location : Tokyo, at night.
The soundtrack of your life : George Michael – Careless Whisper

Alexandre Richard

Writer , Director and Producer

Carrying in him an insatiable thirst for knowledge of all kinds, Alexandre combines human and psychological aspects within all his concepts, scenarios and directing methods. Self-taught in cinema for more than a decade, he uses this force of renewal and research in all his projects. Winner of Best Director at the 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival and nominated for the 2018 Prism Prize Award – For Top 20 Canadian music video, Alexandre has distinguished himself by his storytelling qualities both in Canada and abroad.

One word to describe you: obstinate
Your biggest fear: Living without my passions and dreams, sitting at a desk job that I hate and living in an apartment that looks like it was copy pasted from an Ikea magazine.
The moment you realized you were sure you wanted to do cinema: When I was playing with my G.I. Joe as a kid and I realized I was the only person who was creating a complex backstory for each of my characters.
Your dream location : London, under the rain.
Soundtrack of your life: Edith Piaf – Non je ne regrette rien

Dave Gogan


With a wealth of expertise and many years of experience in photography, Dave has chosen cinema by passion and curiosity for the medium. His self-taught and multidisciplinary nature combined to his unique vision enhance his ability to adapt to every assignment he receives and thrive in any situations no matter how aesthetically he works. Dave likes to work under pressure, he knows how to keep his calm and above all, excels at reassuring the other members of the team in the most difficult moments.

A word to describe you : eccentric
Favorite quote : “There are no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge.”
Your cinematographic fantasy : Traveling the world while capturing beautiful imagery.
Your dream location : In the mountains when it’s foggy.
The soundtrack of your life : Flume – On Top