Story Untold – All the same

“All the same” is a music video by Story Untold from Hopeless Records written and directed by award-winning director Alexandre Richard.
This short film tells a story of love, lies and karma.
Playing with ratios to separate the universe from the lie of the universe of freedom (4: 3, 16: 9), Alexandre Richard has told us a story of poetic love with a “film of the 90s” aesthetic.

Special thanks to MarieLaurie Iliadis, Stefano Apostolakos, Fred Vitu, Joe Valina, Antoine, Ormandy, DAPHNEE BRIGGS, AJ LITTLE, Ville de Montréal, TRH-Bar Montréal,VargasRestaurant, Studio Volcano, Cinepool Inc., Département Caméra.

Behind the scene

Story untold – All the same

  • Written and Directed by : Alexandre Richard
  • Cinematographer : Graham Guertin Santerre
  • 1st Assistant Director : Marilou H. St-amand
  • Production Designer : Eestephanie Burbano
  • Video editing and Color Grading : Alexandre Richard
  • Mix and Sound Design : Alexandre Charrier
  • Make up Artist : Rafaëlle Roy
  • Sound Operator : Daniel Jacques / Maxime Desrochers
  • Key Grip : Mathieu Veillette
  • Production Assistant : Myriam St-Aubin
  • Set Photographer and Behind the scene videographer : Dave Jdb Gogan
  • Personal Acting Coach : Anjo B. Arson